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AUG GROUP, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, whose subordinate involves intellectual property, blockchain R&D, mobile payment, lottery entertainment, online mall, jewelry sales, mining development, resource development eight core business, owning the world's six major operation center, distributed in Melbourne, New York, London, South Africa, Portugal, Dubai to have series connection to the business territory of vertical and horizontal several continents.


    • Focus, professionalism, high efficiency, which is the bottom line for a company. In the transformation era, AUG knows only taking innovation to drive performance can achieve the wealth potential energy of customers. Driving potential, not trend. Only one character of difference, can big mistake occur.Subjective for driving potential, driven by the spirit of the Internet era, integration of resources with forward looking to exert potential energy. Make the preparation well in advance.Passive for the trend, once drifting with the current, it will be lasting to follow others. AUG GROUP, driven by innovation, strong potential energy, let driving potential do best!

    Group culture

    Let world change with you·driving potential era arrival

    AUG GROUP has attracted lots of young outstanding loyal supporters around the world, who are the surfers of the tide of times, and the driving-potential person of the internet panning.

    The world will change according to yours.

    Less trust and practice makes your life tranquil.

    When the common and ordinary become the out-dated original sin, it is the era that only belongs to the driving potential.

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